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We designed Double Spot as the one-size-fits-all wireless home speaker for music lovers. Its modest footprint makes it easy to move from your office to your kitchen to your dining room, filling any room with our award-winning sound quality. With our phones always by our side and being the hub for accessing music, we built Double Spot with a USB power port so you can keep your device charged while you play. Double Spot is also built with a 7-hour rechargeable battery, allowing you to easily move your speaker from room to room with wireless and cordless freedom. Even on battery power, Double Spot’s USB power port will let you charge your device when wall power isn’t nearby.

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"We’re not ashamed to let our Soundfreaq fan flag fly. We definitely dig what they’re doing over there, matching style with audio substance, and its latest wireless Bluetooth speaker [Double Spot] delivers on that promise."


“Like other Soundfreaq speakers, the Double Spot is really well balanced. I don't know what these guys do to their speakers, but they know what's up – I haven't heard a bad Soundfreaq speaker yet.“

Wireless Features

Bluetooth wireless to stream from your phone, tablet or computer including iPhone, iPad and Android devices

Stream audio for music, video, games and podcasts from any app

Play and skip tracks wirelessly with?buttons right on the speaker

Easy to setup with one-touch pair button

Double Spot Features

Keep your music going for up to 6-hours of playtime with its built-in rechargeable battery

Tone Control allows you to choose from three presets: flat, warm and bright

Charge any device with its built-in USB power port

UQ3 spacial enhancement expands stereo sound stage for immersive sound

Line-in to connect?any device with a standard headphone jack with an audio cable


11.0” Wide ? 4.5” Tall ? 3.1” Deep